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As an executor, dealing with the estate’s house and property is often the most daunting part of the job. It is the executor’s responsibility to secure the home, dispose of any remaining contents and sell the property. As Certified Probate Real Estate Specialists we offer all the services needed to manage and liquidate the property. This kind of hands-on representation is particularly useful when the executor is not local or too busy.  

• Doing a preliminary title search

• Arranging insurance to protect the property

while it is vacant

• Preparing the house for sale

• Managing all aspects of the marketing and sale.

We have long standing relationships with house cleaners, contractors, inspectors, stagers and other professional service providers needed to prepare a house for sale.

We will market the house and facilitate the negotiations all the way from the buyer’s initial offer through inspections and final settlement.

We provide an executor with a complete hands-off solution for liquidating the estate’s house and property. See more information below:

Probate Process Description & Timeline

1 to 4 months

Prepare and file "petition for probate" by:

  • Proving the validity of a will
  • Choosing an estate administrator, executor, or representative
  • Identifying all heirs and other relatives

3 to 4 months

Court hearing on petition for probate

3 to 4 months

Issue the following documents, if applicable:

  • Letters of administration
  • Letters testamentary
  • Orders for probate, duties and liabilities

3 to 5 months

Issue probate bond (if ordered)

3 to 6 months

Notice to creditors

6 to 12 months

Notice to Department of Health Services (if the decedent received medical benefits)

6 to 12 months

Estate inventory and appraisal to calculate the estate's value

6 to 12 months

Pay bills and taxes:

  • All applicable taxes, state and/or federal
  • Estate administration costs
  • Family allowances

6 to 12 months

Accept or deny creditor claims

6 to 12 months

Notice to franchise tax board (if the heir is an out-of-state resident)

8 to 15 months

Tax clearance letters

7 to 15 months

File petition for final distribution and accounting

8 to 16 months

Hearing on petition for final distribution and accounting

8 to 16 months

Order approving final distribution and accounting

9 to 18 months

Distribution of assets to heirs

9 to 18 months

Final discharge order

9 to 24 months

Final distribution of estate funds, concluding probate